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About Us

Make your Way to Hemp Therapy! Hemp is an original discovery and known for its natural use. People living within the Himalayan range have gained the benefits of hemp over centuries whereas people lost in the city are finding their ways to interact with hemp. The power of hemp and its multitudinous aids can help improve our quality of life and our surroundings.

The Hemp Chapter brings to you an ultra-fine line of cosmetics that pilots the sheerness, luster and pulpy nature of our healing body. Two founders, Swapnil Goyal and Maulik Agrawal accelerated the foundation of hemp in India with a vision to break the boundaries of social stigmas. Established in 2020, The Hemp Chapter is a historical, natural and sustainable company that adds to an upgraded lifestyle.

What makes us unique is our capacity to change the leaf to lifelong healing therapy. From its many uses, we chose to get started with cosmetics and stimulate relieving energy through the application. We, as an agriculture-based organization, are here to empower, connect, destress and detox the environment!